Are there people who dont play minecraft


Why do some people not like Minecraft?

Occasionally, you’ll find people in the Internet or in real life who just don’t like Minecraft for a reason and sometimes they have really ridiculous reasons for it. Here’s a list of people who don’t like Minecraft and their reasons based on my discoveries. 1. People who think it’s boring You can’t really do anything about these guys.

Is Minecraft still worth playing?

Minecraft can always be worth play but it depends on the person who decides to play it. For some it can be considered as a nostalgic feeling to play Minecraft and so they constantly play it as most of their memorable times was when they played Minecraft.

Is Minecraft a good game?

As we all know, Minecraft isn’t a very appealing game graphically (not if you use cool resource packs, but thats beside the point). The appeal and quality of a game should never be based SOLEY or MOSTLY on graphics, and I think that Minecraft is a perfect example of this.

Why do YouTubers play Minecraft?

For some it can be considered as a nostalgic feeling to play Minecraft and so they constantly play it as most of their memorable times was when they played Minecraft. Big youtubers and streamers often use mods and give themselves challenges to keep things interesting as vanilla Minecraft can get tedious.


Is PMC a good community?

There is a nice community to. PMC is a good example of one. 2. – Graphics. To most people who play Minecraft, the graphics don’t matter. I mean, you can even get resource packs. But seriously, if you haven’t played Minecraft, and you compare COD and Halo to it, you would not vote for Minecraft.

Can you stop playing Minecraft?

NO…Fine… So, most people who play Minecraft become utterly adicted to it, and never want to stop playing it. Well, you can just limit you’re time on the computer, or just on Minecraft in general to stop that.

Why is Minecraft so popular?

The short explanation for Minecraft ‘s popularity is that it gives people an unprecedented level of creative freedom. Most games force you into a set path or set behaviors. They don’t let you build your own cathedral from the ground up or recreate the USS Voyager. The game scratches an itch that most others don’t.

What is the name of the black dragon in Minecraft?

Since the game first launched, developers have added a couple boss characters. The first is a black drake called the Ender Dragon and the second is an undead monstrosity called Wither. Players have to gather up special materials to fight these bosses so this adds some structure to the game.

How to get into creative mode?

In Creative Mode, you start out with all the supplies you’ll need to create buildings so you can just focus on building the most elaborate structures you can dream of. In Survival Mode, you have to go out and gather the building materials. You also need food so you don’t starve to death.

Can you play Minecraft on the toilet?

iOS and Android – The mobile edition of the game has awkward touchscreen controls and a limited set of features. However, it’s cheap and you can play it on the toilet.

Is Minecraft an adventure game?

Minecraft isn’t really an action or puzzle game, though. It’s pretty rudimentary on both counts. The emphasis is on exploring the world, building things and then maybe sharing them with others. Creating an adventure map is closer to the core Minecraft experience than actually playing these maps, if that makes sense.


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