Can t purchase minecraft


There are many reasons you may be unable to purchase Minecraft. Firstly, make sure your browser is up-to-date and your bank card supports international payments. If it still doesn’t work, purchase from an alternative marketplace — like Microsoft Store or Steam.


Why can’t I buy Minecraft Windows 10?

Thank you for your interest in Windows 10. This issue is caused due to corrupt user profile or store. We would suggest you to create a new local account and check if the store works.

Can’t Buy Minecraft Windows 10?

As far as I know is that if you go to Minecraft’s website to purchase the ones for Windows 10 is that it will take you to the Microsoft Store as it is where you can purchase it. You can open the Microsoft Store app and then login with your Microsoft account and then search for the game and then check if you will be able to download it from there.

Do I need to buy Minecraft again?

If you haven’t played for a while or you’ve switched devices, you do not have to buy Minecraft again. If you need to download the game again, visit our Download page and follow the instructions for the version you prefer (or all of them, if you want). Minecraft for Android Launch the Google Play store on your device. Search for Minecraft.

Why can’t I buy Minecraft Java Edition?

An outdated browser is the commonest reason people are unable to buy Minecraft. The reason it happens is the security concerns. As a rule of thumb, an outdated browser comes with outdated security measures which could be holding your payment back.

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Why is Minecraft not letting me buy it?

Troubleshoot Purchasing Try your purchase on another web browser or device, and make sure that the browser is the most current version. Try a different payment method in the online store. There are several different payment methods available. Note: Payment methods may vary depending on your country.

How do you purchase on Minecraft?

To get started quickly, go directly to the purchasing page.Once you have selected Minecraft: Java Edition and your operating system, click BUY MINECRAFT.Follow the prompts to set up a new Microsoft account (MSA) or sign into an existing Microsoft account and complete your purchase.More items…

Why does Minecraft keep telling me to buy it again?

If you bought Minecraft from Microsoft Store it will be queued at all times for reinstall in MS Store Hub (three dots at top right of Store app) > My Library. Make sure you’re signed into the Store app with the same MS account you used to buy the game.

Does Minecraft accept debit cards?

Can I buy the game using debit card? Yes, Mojang accepts credit and debit cards. Transactions are secured.

Why is the Minecraft marketplace not working?

Update Minecraft Your Minecraft app (Bedrock) and your launcher (Java) must be up to date. If they are not up to date, you will be blocked from accessing the marketplace. To update Minecraft Java; Open Minecraft Launcher.

Why can’t I download Minecraft if I already bought it?

Make sure that you are logged in to the account that you used to purchase the game. You can also try to sign out and sign in to the Windows Store again to refresh your profile. To download the game: Launch Windows Store and click on the profile icon at the top right of the page.

Why do I have to buy Minecraft again 2022?

Minecraft users who play the Java version of the popular game will have to use a Microsoft Account from March 2022 onward to play the game. Microsoft, owner of Minecraft since 2014, announced the migration in October 2020.

How do I reinstall Minecraft without paying again?

Open the app store on your device (App Store on iOS and Google Play on Android). Search for Minecraft PE and download the app again. As long as your signed in with the same account that you originally purchased it with, you won’t have to pay again.

How to Purchase Minecraft: Java Edition with a Microsoft Account

When purchasing Minecraft: Java Edition you will now be prompted to sign up with a Microsoft Secured Account (MSA).

Purchasing Minecraft: Java Edition FAQ

Can I use my existing Microsoft account to buy Minecraft: Java Edition?

Why is Minecraft interrupted?

As it turns out, your attempt to purchase Minecraft might be abruptly interrupted by your browser to security concerns. For example, Google Chrome is known to this frequently in instances where there is a new security update that the user didn’t install yet.

Why is my Mojang account suspended?

The Mojang account is suspended – In certain circumstances, the transaction might be rejected due to the fact that your Mojang account is under investigation on suspicions of fraudulent activity. In this case, you should get in contact with Mojang or Microsoft by using the official support channels.

What version of Java is needed for Minecraft?

Starting from Minecraft 1.12, Java 8 will be required to run Minecraft. If you don’t know whether you have Java 8, don’t worry – our installers supply Minecraft with its own version of Java by default. Back to top. Minecraft for Java supports cross-platform multiplayer with these platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Can you play with other players on Java?

Cross-play with Java Edition: Windows, Mac, and Linux Allows you to play with other Java edition players. Split screen multiplayer (online multiplayer requires subscription sold separately) Playing split screen allows up to four players to play on the screen at the same time.


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