Do i need java for minecraft


Software Requirements

Starting from Minecraft 1.12, Java 8 is required to run Minecraft. If you don’t know whether you have Java 8, don’t worry, our installers supply Minecraft with its own version of Java by default.


Which version of Java should I use for Minecraft?

is there even a best java for minecraft?

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How to download and install Java for Minecraft?

To install Java on your computer for Minecraft: Java Edition mods, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Java website.
  • Once you’re on the Java website, look for and click the “Agree and start free download” button near the center of the screen. Source: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy
  • Click the Agree and start free download button.
  • Click Save As near the bottom of the screen.
  • To make it easy to find, save the “JavaSetup” file in the “Downloads” folder on your computer. Source: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy
  • Once you’ve downloaded the “JavaSetup” file, navigate to the “Downloads” folder.
  • Inside the Downloads folder, find and double-click the “JavaSetup” file. It may have additional numbers at letters at the end of its name. …
  • Once the Java Setup application opens, click the Install button to progress to the next step. You can also change the destination folder from this screen if necessary. …
  • The Java Setup application will install Java. Don’t restart your computer or interrupt this process.
  • Once Java has been installed, click the “Close” button when you get the confirmation message. Source: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy
  • While it’s not necessary, you may want to restart your computer to ensure Java fully installed and there are no issues.

Does Minecraft have to run on Java?

Starting from Minecraft 1.12, Java 8 will be required to run Minecraft. If you don’t know whether you have Java 8, don’t worry – our installers supply Minecraft with its own version of Java by default. Minecraft for Java supports cross-platform multiplayer with these platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Is Minecraft Windows 10 better than Java?

  • If you want to use mods, go for the Java Edition. The Windows 10 Edition doesn’t have nearly as much customization as the Java Edition does.
  • If you (or one of your friends) is using a Windows 7/8/8.1, Linux, or Mac computer, then buy the Java Edition. …
  • If you want to play with console or mobile players, get the Windows 10 Edition. …

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Do I still need Java?

Do I Need Java On My Computer 2021? It is not usually necessary to have it installed on private computers. In general, no applications still require it, and if you are programming in Java, you do not need the JRE.

Can Minecraft run without Java launcher?

There are always other ways to do things in programming, so yes, there is certainly a way to open Minecraft without using it’s launcher. The thing with a launcher is, it does not slow the process of launching down, it only does the necessary steps to launch a game.

Is Minecraft Java only?

While the Java Edition is only available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, you can get the Bedrock Edition on Windows 10 and 11, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Fire OS/TV, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Samsung Gear VR.

Should I use Java or Windows for Minecraft?

Objectively speaking, the quality of Java mode is higher than the standard of Minecraft Windows 10 mods. After all, the original edition of Windows 10 version was designed for mobile devices, so the modified scene will always be catching up.

Is Minecraft Java Edition free?

At a time when we have seen many games are quickly forgotten, Minecraft has been able to retain its foothold in the industry with new releases. One such addition is the Minecraft Java Edition, which is a free game.

Is Minecraft free on PC?

You can play Minecraft for free on your web browser by heading to, with no need to download or install anything.

Should I get Java or Bedrock?

Due to the Bedrock Edition Engine being designed to be played on PC, mobile, and console, it’s generally a more forgiving platform and performs much better on lower-end hardware than Java Edition does. It’s not without its faults, though.

Which version of Minecraft should I buy?

Both Minecraft versions offer benefits players should consider before committing. If you’re a PC player that wants to experiment with mods and only want to play with other Java players, this version is for you. If you plan on playing Minecraft or console or with friends on consoles, go with the Bedrock Edition.

Is Minecraft Windows 10 Bedrock or Java?

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition was the former title of Bedrock Edition for the universal Windows 10 platform developed by Mojang Studios and Xbox Game Studios. It runs on Windows 10 PCs and tablets, as well as the HoloLens.

Which version of Minecraft is best for PC?

Java EditionThe Java Edition is the most open-sourced option for users, making it the best choice for modders and for those who prefer PC gaming. Many of the players who use the Java Edition have been playing the game since Minecraft originated. The PC Edition brings with it the largest Minecraft community.

What is the difference between Minecraft and Minecraft: Java Edition?

The Bedrock Edition allows for cross-platform multiplayer on consoles, mobile devices, and Windows 10. The Java Edition is only for PC, and it will only allow you to play with other Java players, which is a lot more limiting.

How expensive is Minecraft Java?

$26.95 USDWhere Can I Buy Minecraft: Java Edition? You can buy Minecraft: Java Edition from for $26.95 USD or local currency equivalent.

How do I run Minecraft manually?

Manually launching-specific steps:Download the Minecraft. jar file from the Minecraft website. … Put the jar wherever you want. … After downloading the Minecraft.jar file from the site and setting up SimpleScreenRecorder for recording OpenGL (detailed above) click on OpenGL settings… … Record!

How do you skip the Minecraft launcher Login?

Skipping the launcherDownload process explorer.Run the Minecraft launcher and open Minecraft with the exact version and configuration which you want to use.Run process explorer and find the Minecraft process (it’ll be a javaw.exe process under the tree of the Minecraft launcher)More items…•

Why is my Minecraft launcher not working?

1:482:52Minecraft Launcher Not Opening on PC Easy Fix – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipExperience application in the drivers tab click on download. This will automatically download andMoreExperience application in the drivers tab click on download. This will automatically download and install the latest gpu driver. And should fix the minecraft launcher not opening up issue on your pc.

Why is my Minecraft launcher blank?

If your graphics driver is faulty or outdated, you’re likely to encounter a black screen in Minecraft. To fix it, make sure you’re using the latest graphics driver. You can search for the newest graphics driver from the GPU manufacturer’s website such as NVIDIA, AMD or Intel, then download and install it manually.

What New Changes and Why Does It Matter?

How to Switch to The New Launcher on Windows

  • The switch over process is as close to painless as it gets; it won’t change where your user data is stored so your there’s no worry about fussing with changing your profile or creating a new one, or any changes with your world saves. You will need to make a very minor tweak, however, as the installer (as of this tutorial) does not automatically default to the new Java instance and will con…

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How to Switch to The New Launcher For OS X

  • If you’re using OS X, you can head over to this official thread on Redditand get the download link. Once you do, it’s as simple as double-clicking on the DMG and dragging Minecraft into your Applications folder. You’ll notice that this launcher is in beta right now, as it has the _stage after the name. You’ll have to assume that soon they will launch this for everybody, and we’ll update t…

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Performance Comparison

  • In addition to the huge security boost that comes from isolating Java there are also significant potential performance boosts. Many Minecraft players are using 32-bit Java when their hardware supports 64-bit Java. The launcher automatically grabs the correct version. RELATED: Improving Minecraft Performance on Old and New Computers In addition many…

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