how long do melons take to grow in minecraft


around 10 to 30 minutes

How do you grow a MelOn in Minecraft?

How long does it take for Melons to grow in Minecraft? Depending on whether or not the melon’s internal timer fails to grow due to surrounding blocks, …

How to plant melons in Minecraft?

See here for details (melons, including fruit production, use the same formula): In particular, they use a 4/5 (80%) growth of a plot as the ideal time to harvest, which takes an average of 31 minutes:

How do you farm melons in Minecraft?

You could speed things up much faster by killing a skeleton and using the bones to make bone meal, bone meal makes plants grow instantly but with melons and pumpkins it grows the stem completely but you still have to wait for the fruit to grow. Duddridge1 7 years ago #3. Oh another thing, there has to be at least 1 empty dirt block next to it …

How to make a block of melon in Minecraft?


How do you make melons grow faster in Minecraft?

2:042:34Minecraft Science! How to make melon farms grow faster! – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipMake sure you have as much dirt as possible next to the grown melon stem. Don’t just have a melonMoreMake sure you have as much dirt as possible next to the grown melon stem. Don’t just have a melon stand with dirt on one side.

Why are my melons not growing Minecraft?

The first and most common reason behind melons not growing in Minecraft is that players simply don’t give them enough room to do so. There actually needs to be another patch of dirt next to each melon that you try to grow in the game, as they don’t directly grow on the block where you planted them.

Do melons grow faster than pumpkins Minecraft?

They have the same growth mechanics. Although, without harvesting using a Silk Touch tool, the output of melons will be less. That’s because a melon requires 9 slices, but harvesting a melon will only produce about 5. So even though the growth rate is the same, the output from pumpkins is about twice as much.

How long does it take for melons to grow?

There are compact varieties that produce tasty and prolific fruits. Watermelons and honeydew melons both mature in about 80-100 days of warm weather to mature properly, with smaller personal varieties being on the shorter end of that spectrum. Cantaloupes typically mature in about 75-85 days.

Do Minecraft melons need water?

Melons are best grown in rows with one trench of water beside them, with two stems being on both sides. This will produce the maximum amount of melons and will keep them from being unable to produce melons.

Do melons need sunlight to grow in Minecraft?

They require a light level of 9, so you can grow melons underground without any access to the sky as long as you keep the melon plant well lit.

How do you make a fully automatic melon farm in Minecraft?

0:5811:02Automatic Melon & Pumpkin Farm for Minecraft – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipYou need four chests to hoppers ATO clogs about half a stack of dirt about 48 cobble.MoreYou need four chests to hoppers ATO clogs about half a stack of dirt about 48 cobble.

Can you use bonemeal on melons?

Melon stems can be grown with bonemeal; they will yield only one melon at any time.

Can a pumpkin grow on a piston?

No. Pumpkins and melons will only grow on dirt, coarse dirt, podzol, grass blocks, or farmland. If one grows on farmland, the farmland will be turned to dirt of course.

How many watermelon seeds are in a hole?

How many watermelon seeds do I plant per hole? 2 to 3 seeds are sown per hole. Few weeks after germination, only single, healthy seedling is allowed to grow at one spot & other slow growing seedlings are thinned out.

How much space do melons need?

Melons need room to roam. Space plants 36 to 42 inches apart. Or, to save space, plant melons 12 inches apart at the base of a trellis. When trellising melons, tie vines to the trellis daily, using soft plant ties that won’t crush stems.

Are melons hard to grow?

Melons are closely related to cucumbers and require similar growing conditions to thrive. To grow them successfully you need to provide them with warmth, water and food. They can be quite vigorous, so regular pruning is needed to keep them under control. Each plant should produce two to four melons.



When destroyed, melons will drop 3–7 melon slices. Melons will also be destroyed when a piston of any kind pushes a melon block. If seeds and sticky pistons are placed in the correct formation, they can be used to auto harvest melons. One melon slice can be crafted into a melon seed.


Melons can be somewhat difficult to farm. They will have a central stem that slowly grows until it reaches its maximum size at which point a melon will spawn on one of the adjacent blocks. The stem requires an air block or a transparent block above it to produce melons; the resulting melon does not.


A Melon can be harvested with any tool or by hand, but an axe, followed by a sword is the fastest.



Two melon stems can sometimes be connected to one melon that grows beside them.

How often do ticks happen in Minecraft?

leaf decay, grass spread and decay, mushroom spread, farmland (de-)hydration etc. According to the minecraftwiki, random ticks happen every 68 seconds on average for a given block.

What does BUD mean in Minecraft?

The devices are able to detect a spawned fruit block to activate the piston at the right moment. There are both big and complex designs, like a block update detector (BUD), as well as simple and small ones (e.g. a redstone signal that travels through the fruit block once it has spawned).


What is RT in Minecraft?

Random Ticks (RT) or Block Ticks occur much less frequently than game ticks, and, as the name suggests, they occur randomly. Minecraft also uses them for a lot of other things, e.g. leaf decay, grass spread and decay, mushroom spread, farmland (de-)hydration etc.

Can you grow melon seeds on farmland?

Melon seeds can be planted only on farmland. Over time, they grow into a stem and produce a melon on any adjacent dirt, grass block, farmland, podzol or coarse dirt. If a melon is already occupying an adjacent dirt/grass or farmland spot, the stem does not grow any more melons until the melon is removed. A single stem can grow an unlimited number of melons. Like other seeds, they need a certain amount of light to grow and produce melons. Melon seeds are affected by bone meal only with respect to stem growth; bone meal does not help produce the actual melons.

What is a melon stem?

A melon stem is the block that is planted on farmland when melon seeds are used on it. It starts underground, and rises up as the plant grows. The stem is colored green when young, and then brown once fully grown. The stem curves once a melon has grown from it.

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