how to build a large modern house in minecraft


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How to make a house in Minecraft?

1. Use sharp lines and “square” surfaces. This isn’t especially hard with Minecraft’s block-based building system. An easy way to mimic this design style is to make your house’s walls different heights. It doesn’t matter if one or more of your walls go up past the roof — on a modern house, it counts as art!

What is the best material to build a house in Minecraft?

Finding wood and stone in Minecraft is easy. White building materials can be a little trickier — quartz, sandstone, wool, or lighter varieties of stone may be your best bet. A common theme in modern house architecture is the connection between the orderly world of humans and the chaotic beauty of nature.

How to make a house look unique?

2. Use bold, daring mash-ups of geometric shapes. If you want to get adventurous with your house design, don’t limit yourself to squares and rectangles. Tossing together odd combinations of shapes and surfaces can give your house a truly unique look.

Do modern houses have pools?

Modern houses often seem to have a pool in the backyard — perhaps it’s because this allows architects to play with an additional surface, adding a new dimension to their design. Don’t forget that you’ll need a bucket or two and a source of water if you want to fill your pool.

Step 1: The Outline

The outline is 48X42, first dig it in the ground then place in the ground white concrete blocks.

Step 2: The Wall

build a 3 high concrete wall, build it on the ground and one block away from the outline. do only the back and the sides, the front will be a little diffrent

Step 3: Make the Front Gate

make it like on the pictures, for the glass use pane stained grey glass.

Step 4: Entry

make the doorsteps like this, fill the space under the doorsteps. use quarts stairs, and for the blocks just use white concrete blocks.

Step 5: The Outline of the House

make the outline, fill it up and make one layer more on the northwest side.

Step 6: The Garage

get the line 2 back from the fence, then make it higher and put a roof on it, put the stone slabs as a way to enter, then make 2 doors to enter the house.

Step 7: The Infinity Pool

use again pane stained grey glass, put water in it and make a lounge. you can make a lounge yourself.


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