how to build a nice house in minecraft survival


Use blocks like concrete, wool, stone, and wood to make a Minecraft house just like this one. Most suburban American/Canadian homes have an attached garage, which definitely adds to the “real life” feel of the home. Even though there are no cars in (non-modded) Minecraft, the garage can still be used as a storage area.


What are the best houses to build in Minecraft?

  • Basic: Easy to build houses that can be made within an hour. …
  • Casual: Stepping towards houses that require a little bit of planning, these aren’t big on looks but definitely smart in strategy. …
  • Serious: We recommend you cheat a little and make the “serious” houses in creative game mode. …

How to make an easy nice house in Minecraft?

make the balcony 5 blocks tall with a log in the end.Also 4 in width. Then fill it in and put it in fence. The roof is basically putting down slabs and putting stairs on top,the beginning is the hard part but i know you’ll get the hang of it. you now have your own house,pretty cool right. hope you enjoyed.

How do you make a starter house in Minecraft?

Part 4 Part 4 of 5: Making the Wooden House Download Article

  1. Locate a free space. At the absolute minimum, you’ll be needing about a 5×5 square of free space to build your house.
  2. Create an outline. Line out your house’s shape by laying down wood blocks, which can be done by selecting your desired material and pressing the right mouse button, RT …
  3. Build up the walls. …
  4. Create a roof. …

What do you need to make a house on Minecraft?


  • Place a bed.
  • Make sure it is not obstructed.
  • Wait for a villager to come and sleep.

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How do you make a nice house in Minecraft survival?

0:2116:18Minecraft ULTIMATE Survival House Tutorial (How to Build) – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo for your minecraft survival house you’re gonna need to find the materials found on my hotbarMoreSo for your minecraft survival house you’re gonna need to find the materials found on my hotbar below a pretty simple bill just cobblestone in Oakwood. Again.

What is the best house to build in Minecraft survival?

If you have lots of wood around, you’re going to build a wooden house. If you’re inundated with stone, then stone is going to be the best choice. One of the quickest houses you can build is a stone and wood hut. It includes everything you need for survival mode.

How do you build a awesome house on Minecraft?

6:4114:32How To Build AMAZING Houses In Minecraft 1.16! – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipNow here comes another really important part we’re going to bring the stone outline. One off on theMoreNow here comes another really important part we’re going to bring the stone outline. One off on the front. And the back so here’s the front of the house bring the stone. Stair.

How do you build a simple but nice house in Minecraft?

14:0724:54How to Build a Starter House in Minecraft (Minecraft House Tutorial)YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipLet’s get the oak planks. Get them across and then just follow pretty much damn. Let the stair layMoreLet’s get the oak planks. Get them across and then just follow pretty much damn. Let the stair lay out of here. Nothing complex but it might seem to be for a star house oh it’s not we had a window.

1. How To Build a Simple Survival House

Not only does this survival house by SheepGG look awesome, but it’s actually pretty simple to build. The creator of this house has provided a great tutorial showing you how to build this simple survival house. Watch the Survival House YouTube tutorial.

2. Medieval Gatehouse

This medieval gatehouse by squaremario_minecraft uses the following: Shaders: BSL v7.2 (BitGardener’s settings) Textures: Default.

3. Modern House

This modern house has a great exterior; however, if you check out thenetheriteguy, you can see that it has a fantastic interior too.

4. Hot Air Balloon House

Blockdown Builds creates some of the most unique Minecraft builds. This hot air balloon house is no exception.

5. Archery Range

If you’ve been considering an archery range, use this amazing build by boythesurvivalbuilder for reference.

6. Small Medieval House

If you would like to check out the interior of this small medieval house, check out daxar123_builds on Instagram.

7. Decorative House

Here’s a decorative house that you can turn into a survival house. Check out daxar123_builds to see the inside of the house.

XL Base

Do you feel like tackling a big building project in your Survival world? We suggest the next video tutorial by Zaypixel, who came up with a massive structure out of Wood blocks. The white Glass blocks for the roof are a great style choice, and the several floors allow for a nice setup for your new home.


You deserve to live in a luxurious mansion with everything you need at hand, right? We suppose you want to put in the time and effort to create an incredible Minecraft house in Survival mode. In that case, we can recommend the following video tutorial by Folli for some inspiration.

Japanese House

The Minecraft community has always had a weak spot for Asian-inspired buildings, and with this video tutorial by SheepGG, you, too, can hop into this trend. For this Minecraft Japanese house, you will require a trip to the deep underground to mine Deeplslate and use its variants for the exterior.

Nether House

Having a survival house in the Nether sounds a bit counterintuitive, right? But the following video tutorial by BlueBits showcases a menacing-looking Minecraft survival house design that fits perfectly within the Nether.


The cottagecore aesthetic is all the rage in some internet communities, and Minecraft is no exception. The following video tutorial by Ayvocado would be the perfect addition to any Survival world inspired by this movement.

3-Floor House

Maybe you’re having a hard time coming up with a functional structure to place all your crafting stations and chests. We have found this great video tutorial by Heyimrobby that’s easy to follow and features a wooden Minecraft survival house design with three floors and a farming area underneath it.

Skull Mountain Base

There’s no need to follow traditional housing standards in Minecraft, so we think that the following video tutorial by Ayvocado combines functionality with creativity in the shape of a skull mountain base.

Simple Wooden House

Starting off – this Simple Wooden House by Folli is a spacious wooden home utilizing Stripped Logs and Door Panels to give a fresh, woodsy, and contemporary look.

Wooden Survival House

Excusing the rather dramatic angle, this Wooden Survival House by One Team does a wonderful job mirroring a cabin that fits a rural village theme.

Modern House

Stepping back from going a purely cottage-core route, let me introduce to you one of the first Minecraft Minecraft modern house ideas in the list – this Modern House by SheepGG.

Aquarium House

Now let’s kick it up a notch and look at something mega creative. This Aquarium House by SheepGG features an expansive two-floor aquarium – filled with fish, plants, and sea life as far as the eye can see!

Two-Floor Wooden House

To tell you the truth, I’m a real sucker for Skinned Log builds. It has a clean, furbished finish that scratches my minimalism itch.

Desert Village House

Behold, this Desert Village House by BlueBits. Like a temple in the middle of the desert, this Minecraft home design proudly stands tall with a unique ensemble of materials making it up.

Wooden Modern House

This Wooden Modern House by SheepGG shows a boxy design that crosses modern and cabin vibes. Peer inside, and you see each room decorated with various wildflowers and plants – divided neatly per room.


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