how to code minecraft mods with eclipse


  1. Setting up your workspace. Eclipse is the most used Java based programming software. …
  2. Downloading Forge Source Version. You can get the Forge files here. …
  3. Once you downloaded the right Forge version, you can place the .ZIP file somewhere where you want your workspace.
  4. The enjoyable part about making Minecraft mods. Then press continue. …


What is the Eclipse IDE for Minecraft?

We’ll also teach you how to download and use the Eclipse IDE, a text editor used by professional developers at companies such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon. We will continue to update this blog in the coming months and transition to more recent versions of Minecraft as they become stable for mod creation.

How do I run a Minecraft server in Eclipse?

One the top navigation bar of Eclipse, click Run–>Run Configurations. Once there, in the Main tab make sure your project is selected under project. Under main class click Search and select “net.minecraft.client.Minecraft”. You can click RUN if you’d like to test it out and make sure it is working, otherwise you can just click Close.

What is the best way to mod Minecraft?

A more advanced method of modding is to use the Java programming language instead of the block-coding methods. This works only on Minecraft for PC and Mac, also referred to as Minecraft Classic or Minecraft Java Edition.

What version of Minecraft do mods work on?

As a rule of thumb, Minecraft mod code is not compatible from version to version. For example, 1.12 mods will not work with 1.13 and above. You’ll need a PC or Mac computer for this tutorial, as Chromebooks or mobile devices will not run the software properly.

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How to link a project in Eclipse?

1. First open Eclipse and click File–>New Java Project. Screenshot. I usually prefer to name mine the name and version, that way when new versions come out, I can just make a new project. But that’s up to you. 2. Next, right click on your project in the left pane and go to Build Path–> Link Source. Screenshot . 3.

Where to put modloader in Minecraft?

Note: If you plan on using Modloader than you should install it normally into your minecraft.jar in “yourMCP/jars/bin/” before decompiling with MCP.

What is the most popular site for Minecraft mods?

There are probably thousands of websites that host Minecraft mods. One of the most popular sites is It is important to note that the great majority of mods need forge. Forge is a program that allows users to install and run mods in Minecraft.

How to get a diamond sword in Minecraft?

This will send a mod book and place it inside your mods chest. Open the chest and grab the book. Once in your hand simply left or right-click to run your mod. This mod sends a message, spawns a Zombie, and gives the player a Diamond Sword.

What is LearnToMod in Minecraft?

LearnToMod is a website that sends the mods directly to your own server without the need to install anything extra. These mods run in a multiplayer server that you can start from within the website. This is the website we use to run our Minecraft modding classes.

What is LearnToMod code?

LearnToMod uses Blockly code. The same type of drag and drop blocks that Scratch coding uses. There are different menus and all of them have different types of blocks. These blocks connect to each other like puzzle pieces

What does the first line of blocks do in Minecraft?

The first line of blocks in the main function will simply send a message to the player. The second line will spawn a zombie in front of the player. And, the third line will give the player a diamond sword.

Do you need to pay to get mods?

Yes. Most of the mods out there are made by other players that want to share their creations. There’s a lot of free content out there, so you shouldn’t need to pay anything to download mods or install them.

Can you run a mod in Minecraft?

You could run a mod to build that structure anywhere in your world with a click of a button, instead of spending hours building it by hand . Finally, we could go up several levels of complexity and run a mod that creates a mini-game inside of Minecraft.

What is mods in Minecraft?

Modding is jargon for modifying or altering Minecraft in some way. For example, if you want a block in Minecraft to look like a magic carpet and float like one, you can do that. There are many kinds of mods with varying levels of complexity.

How to get started with Minecraft for kids?

To get kids started with Minecraft modding, you need to have a version of Minecraft on a desktop, tablet or smartphone and access to a coding platform such as MakeCode or Tynker. While all versions of Minecraft support some kind of modding, they are all a bit different based on the platform.

Why do kids need to learn Minecraft?

Since coding is the primary method that kids use to make mods in Minecraft, kids learn and apply programming fundamentals like repetition, conditionals, functions, and variables to make mods and games that they can show off and play with their friends. Kids are incredibly motivated to learn to mod because it allows them to do so much more in Minecraft and truly customize worlds to be their own.

What is the fun part of Minecraft?

Another fun aspect of Minecraft is that the game encourages users to customize their experiences by allowing them to transform the look of their worlds, change the behaviors of in-game characters, and even add code to make more interesting and custom modifications.

What is Minecraft game design?

Game Design – When they build Minecraft minigames on their private server, they are using events, triggers, functions, messaging, variables and conditional logic to program their game logic. Collaboration – When they play with their own friends on their servers, they are learning communication and collaboration skills.

What are Minecraft skins?

Skins : Alter what you look like when you play Minecraft. Kids can get creative with our Skin and our set of starter skins.

How to make zombies less scary in Minecraft?

Mobs : Dress up your Minecraft animals and make them your own. Add sunglasses for the pig, change the color of the horse, or even make zombies less scary.


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