how to download minecraft mods on mac


Part 1 of 3: Installing Minecraft Forge

  1. Go to in a web browser. This is the webpage for Minecraft Forge. This software makes it easy to install mods for Minecraft.
  2. Click Install below “Recommended”. It’s the box on the right. This will download a “.jar” file that can be used to install the Minecraft Forge on PC or Mac.
  3. Open the Finder . It’s the icon that resembles a blue and white smiley face. It’s in the Dock at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click Downloads. It’s in the sidebar to the left. By default, this is where your downloaded files from the internet are saved to.
  5. Double-click the forge-installer file. The file name says “forge-1.12.2-” or something similar depending on what version you download.
  6. Select “Install Client” and click Next. Ensure the radial button next to “Install Client” is selected and click Next.
As for the installation of mods for Minecraft on Mac, it goes as follows:
  1. Find a mod on a modding site, and download a version compatible with your Forge, which should be the same version.
  2. Then, open the mods folder that you created before.
  3. Drag and drop the mod that you downloaded into the mods folder!
  4. That’s it.

How do I install Minecraft on a Mac?

Minecraft Software Download; How Do I Download Minecraft On Mac Laptop; Make sure to exit/close the Minecraft App. Download and add one or many (.Jar or Zip) Mod files to the Minecraft Mod Application Folder Here is the sort of tricky part, but you can do it. From the Search bar (on a PC) type this in:%appdata% and press enter or click the file …

How to install mods for Terraria on Mac?

  • You do not have to make any backups
  • Simply update Terraria to 1.4 and install tModLoader on Steam
  • You can play vanilla Terraria 1.4 and TML 1.3.5 alongside each other; tModLoader through Steam is treated as a separate game.
  • tModLoader for the 1.4 version of the game will come at a later date.
  • Steam Workshop is not supported as of yet, but is planned.

More items…

How to install Minecraft mods easily?

This allows you to scale mountains and easily build tree-top fortresses in the … The Curse Forge platform is quite useful in finding Minecraft mods and learning how to install each of them. Some mods may also require you to downgrade your Minecraft

How do you install mods on a Mac?

When downloaded, your mod will have one of the following three types:

  • EXE – this type you can install in a very simple way. …
  • RAR – this is a standard compressed file that in most cases contains more than one file, so the compressing allows you to download it much faster. …
  • ZIP – just copy mod file into the Farming Simulator 22 mod folder. (location was mentioned above)

How to Install Mods on PC & Mac – Minecraft

Minecraft Forge is the application that players need to start installing mods on Minecraft. With that said, you’ll need Minecraft Forge for both PC and Mac mods.

Installing Mods – PC

Mods can be downloaded from multiple sites like MinecraftMods, CurseForge, and a few others. Here is how a typical mod installation looks like:

Installing Mods – Mac

Again, use sites like MinecraftMods, CurseForge, and others to get the mods that you desire. As for the installation of mods for Minecraft on Mac, it goes as follows:


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