how to give myself permissions on my minecraft server


  • Head to the game panel and stop the server.
  • To the left of the panel, click on “Config Files”.
  • Click “Server Settings” and locate “Op Permission Level”.
  • On the dropdown, you will see all of the levels you can set. Choose which level you want the server operators to have and press Save.
  • Start the server.


How do you set up permissions in Minecraft?

There are a few other commands that can be used to further customize the rank:

  • Using the command pex group Admin set rank 1, our Admin rank is now the most important. E.g. …
  • Performing pex group Admin prefix “&0 (&4Admin&0)&7 “ will set a prefix to appear before chat, if Vault and a chat plugin like EssentialsX is present. …
  • Similar to adding all permissions, you can customize each rank’s abilities with other plugin permissions. …

Can someone make me a private Minecraft server?

To become a host and allow your friends the ability to join you on your own personal server, you’ll first need to make sure that you have the latest versions of both Minecraft and Java installed. You can do this for the game by clicking on its launcher and waiting for it to update itself automatically.

How to put commands in Minecraft server?

Managing Teams

  • To add a team ( in Minecraft 1.12 and older ): /scoreboard teams add <teamName> [displayName]
  • To remove a team ( in Minecraft 1.12 and older ): /scoreboard teams remove <teamName>
  • To assign a player to a team ( in Minecraft 1.12 and older ): /scoreboard teams join <teamName> [player] * If no player is provided then the player running the …

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How to add permissions Minecraft?

How to add permissions with PermissionsEx. For this section, we will be using EssentialsX again as an example of commands we want to add to a group. These methods can be applied to just about any plugin as well. The command to add permissions with PermissionsEx is “/pex group groupname add permissionnodehere”.

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