How to join a minecraft server on ps4


Then here are the steps for the users :

  • froward UDP ports 30000-65535 to their console
  • go to the server list in the game
  • start a web browser (on the console or on their smartphone if they are on the same network) and go to your web server hosting the above script
  • immediatly switch back to the server list on the game
  • your server will appear as a LAN server for few seconds, they can connect to it

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And you want to go and click on lan game it’s going to be bedrock. Together click on this server.MoreAnd you want to go and click on lan game it’s going to be bedrock. Together click on this server. And you guys will be able to go ahead and join the server.


What is a good way to join a Minecraft server?

  • Each player that wants to join must be connected to the same network.
  • The selected host device must be capable of running a server of the chosen world.
  • Everyone joining must run the same version of the game as the host.

How do I join a Minecraft PvP server?

search google for minecraft pvp servers then copy the ip address and of the pvp server you liked, put it in the address bar in Minecraft. (make sure the server you chose is applicable for your minecraft version, the server’s version and your version should be the same)

How does someone join my Minecraft server?

Run a Minecraft Server on Your PC and Play with Friends over the Internet or a LAN

  1. Get the Latest Version of Java. Go to and get the latest version of Java.
  2. Download the Minecraft Server. Download the latest version of the server from the official download page. …
  3. Run the Server. Open a Windows command prompt in the folder where you put the server jar file. …
  4. Server Commands. …
  5. Connect to Your Server. …

How to join a Minecraft server without Premium?

When will my server be ready to play on?

  1. To setup your server, click on the ‘configuration’ tab.
  2. At the top, you’ll see ‘Server Templates’. If it isn’t already added, add the “Ranked – Required for Normal” template. …
  3. Change any of the settings that are not ‘Inherited from template’, then check out your map list.

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