how to make a gatling gun in minecraft


How to Make a Gun in Minecraft

  1. Gather your resources.
  2. Place your dispenser, a redstone dust behind it, and 2 blocks behind that.
  3. Place a block above-left and above-right of your rear blocks.
  4. Place redstone torches on the sides of your bottom rear blocks (4 total).
  5. Put redstone dust in the channel on top of your rear bottom blocks.


What is Gatling gun?

 · download this world to see 3 different land guns in action; the flamethrower, the gatling gun, and the tri shot gatling gun. The gatling gun has a massive fire rate of 8 shots per second! Hope you enjoy and kill many people with this evil contraption, X_Marlow_X. Note: this contraption may have been prior invented, however please do not post …

How do you craft guns in Minecraft?

 · To easily make a gun in Minecraft, gather a dispenser, 3 redstone, 4 redstone torches, a lever, and arrows. Place your dispenser on the ground and a redstone dust behind it, with 2 blocks behind the redstone dust. Then, place a block above-left and above-right of your rear blocks, and place 4 total redstone torches on the sides of your bottom-rear blocks.

How many shots per second does the Gatling gun shoot?

 · An extremely small but incredibly fast Gatling gun. You might want to turn you’re volume down a bit when it fires though, it’s a bit loud. Here’s a link to the tutorial:

Can you use Marlow’s flamethrower/Gatling gun?

 · Redstone Gatling Gun. This redstone gaterling gun takes under 3 second to fire a complete cycle around the barrel. Its eight main dispensers laid out in a circle to ensure the greatest chance of a hit. Located in the centre of the barrel is a fast action dispenser firing about 8 rounds a second, for maximum destruction if you get the gun dead …


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