How to make a halloween pumpkin in minecraft

What you will need to make your Minecraft Halloween Pumpkin!

  • Step one – Design. I started by using one 12 x 12 orange sheet not textured! …
  • Step two – cutting your design out. …
  • Step three – Adding texture to your design. …
  • Step four – Glue your extra blocks on. …
  • Step five – Creating the mouth and eyes to allow glow. …
  • Step six – Making the stand. …
  • Step seven – Add cheap and safe lighting. …


How to make a spooky house in Minecraft?

  • Consider putting your guests in a very dark room and giving them flashlights to try to find the way out.
  • Replace your lamps with dim, green bulbs around the house.
  • Drape traditional lamps with cobwebs and tape rubber bats to the insides.
  • Light a spotlight under a spider web or fake creepy insect to create a spooky shadow.

How to make Pusheen in Minecraft?

Pusheen Studio!!! Everyone! Cat lovers! My favourite projects Add everything! BFF the cat club MPJ gaming studio The Meme Kidz Animations studio Add Anything pusheen frens Your work is good no matter what!! Create your own “PUSHEEN” KINGDOM Meowmeow’s Faves! Pusheen Studio 1000 Projects!

How to make a pickle farm in Minecraft?

Tutorials/Sea Pickle farming

  • Manual Farming. Manually farming sea pickles can be done underwater near a coral reef. …
  • Semi-Automatic Farming. To make the farming process easier, a dispenser can be hooked up to a fast redstone clock. …
  • Automatic Farming. This takes advantage of the spreading mechanic of sea pickles. …

How to make a pickle in Minecraft?

  • In Java Edition (PC/Mac), left-click and hold on to the sea pickle.
  • In Pocket Edition (PE), you tap and keep on the sea pickle.
  • In Windows 10 Edition, left-click and hold on the sea pickle.
  • In Education Edition, left-click and hold on to the sea pickle.
  • In Xbox 360 and Xbox One, press and hold the RT button on the Xbox controller.

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Required Materials to make a Carved Pumpkin

In Minecraft, these are the materials you can use to craft a carved pumpkin:

How to get a Carved Pumpkin in Survival Mode

You can add a carved pumpkin to your inventory in Survival mode by finding pumpkins and carving them. So, let’s get started!

Things to Do with Carved Pumpkins

Here are some activities that you can do with carved pumpkins in Minecraft:


Pumpkins naturally generate with the terrain in most biomes in the Overworld, in the form of random patches. They require only grass blocks with air above (clear of any plants such as flowers or grass ), and can generate whether or not that grass block has a layer of snow cover.


This section is missing information about when were pumpkins changed to face away from the player upon placement? there were multiple such times (once in beta and once in 1.8 dev).


The carved pumpkin is the only headgear that obstructs the player ‘s view.

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