How to make a minecraft game in scratch


How to make your own FNaF on scratch?

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How to make a FNaF game on scratch?

  • Step 1: Menu Crafting. Start with a simple black screen, use the “Rectangle” tool to make a square, make sure it cover’s…
  • Step 2: Making a MASTER PIECE OF ART. Make the buttons for the doors and the code for the doors (As demonstrated in the…
  • Step 3: ACTUALY MAKING a GAME. To make the timer is very simple, just make a variable call “Time” and have it set to 12…
  • Step 4: Finishing Up. I hope you E N J O Y E D :)… Did you make this project? Share it with us!

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How to make a zombie on scratch?

This is Part 2 on How to Make a Shooter Game in Scratch. In this video, I make a machine gun, and make the player able to switch between the two guns. I also…

How to make a scary Minecraft?

How The Stalker Creepers Mod Makes Minecraft More Fun:

  • Players will experience a terrifying change to one of the most terrifying mobs in Minecraft history.
  • Creepers will now approach the player and explode without prompting, hunting them down no matter where on the map they travel.
  • There’s nowhere to hide when your enemy is actively hunting you down. …
  • Take on a whole new threat to the world of Minecraft!

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