how to plant seeds in minecraft pocket edition

  1. Gather seeds. You can grow four types of seeds in Minecraft Pocket Edition. …
  2. Avoid cold or dry biomes (recommended). Crops grow fastest in warm biomes, where green grass and trees grow naturally.
  3. Prepare farmland. Make a hoe from two sticks and a material of your choice, and use it on grass or dirt to make farmland.
  4. Water your crops. Wheat grows much faster when watered, and other crops require it to grow at all. …
  5. Wait for it to grow. Crops will grow on their own, going through several stages of growth. Wheat is ready when tall and yellow-brown.
  6. Just click and hold on the crop to turn it into the fully grown product. …


What are the best Minecraft seeds?

To plant seeds, on survival, make any type of hoe [stone,diamond,wooden,iron…] and just touch any part of the ground with the hoe [ must be dirt]. Then, touch the grass with the seeds [ you can get them from bone meal, which you can get from bones, which you can get from killing skeletons] and the seeds will then be planted.

What is the best village seed in Minecraft?

 · How To Use Seeds In Minecraft Pocket Edition. Seeds in Minecraft Pocket Edition are a random combination of numbers and letters that help you to start off your game in various different environments. Use the following guide to use seeds effectively. Step 1: Click New to create a world after launching Minecraft.

What is the best seed for Minecraft PE?

 · Glitched Ravine Seed in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Contrasting Moods and Huge Flower Forest. Mountainous Terrain in Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds. Stronghold in Ravine Next to Village. Pillager Outpost in Lava Ravine. Stronghold, Ravine, and Pillager Outpost in a Village. Huge Snowy Village with Stronghold.

What is PE seed in Minecraft?

 · Follow these steps to find your world seed in Minecraft: Open the world. Go to Game Settings. Scroll down to see the seed of the world. Please note down the seed of the world somewhere. Once you …


How to plant carrots in Minecraft?

To plant the carrots, place them in your toolbar and highlight them to equip them. Then place the reticle on a tilled soil block and right-click or press the left trigger button to plant the carrots. Each carrot you plant will produce multiple carrots.

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Where do you spawn in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

A brilliant Minecraft Pocket Edition survival seed, you spawn on a small desert landmass with nothing but endless ocean around you. However, underneath the island is a network of deep tunnels and caves filled with rare resources.

Does Minecraft Bedrock Edition work on Windows 10?

The Windows 10 version of Minecraft is different to the normal PC version of the game, and thus your traditional seeds do not work. This is because the Windows 10 edition is actually Minecraft Pocket Edition (sometimes called Bedrock Edition), as seen on mobile.

What is a floating island in Minecraft PE?

Floating islands is this seed’s unique selling point of infinity, and the foundations for your own skybase.

How tall are the mushroom biomes in Minecraft?

While most other biomes are content to sort-of-realistically recreate geographic landscapes, this Minecraft PE seed sprouts 6ft tall fantasy red-cap mushrooms.

What is the joy of discovery in Minecraft?

The joy of discovery in Minecraft is finding usual things in unusual places. The novelty is strong with this seed, which dumps a village in the ocean. With wooden plank decks joining the buildings together, this is a lovely little sea-side port town in which to relax.

How many blocks does a stronghold need to be in Minecraft PE?

However, the real star of this Minecraft PE seed is that – if you do a little digging – you will find a stronghold within 64 blocks of your spawning location.

Where is the underwater shipwreck in Minecraft?

Located just off the shore from the spawn location, this underwater shipwreck has plenty of buried treasure to start you off in the world, and even a hidden treasure map.

Plain and Simple

Every now and again, we like to bring in a Minecraft seed that keeps things simple, but is not short of resources and biomes that prove to be a great help in your adventure. In this seed, you’ll find exactly that.

The Cult Village

There is something wrong with this Village spawn. For some reason, they have built a massive Nether Portal inside the village. This is a good world to use in Minecraft PE if you want easy access to the Nether and very strange neighbors. Are they up to something? Better use this seed and find out!

The Fortress of Solitude

Image via: Pro Game Guides | Discovered By: mmm_tastey | Seed: 1669737730

The Return of the King

This seed is perfect to make your own story-driven adventure. From your spawn, do set your sights toward this beautiful plateau/mountain that’s home to the aftermath of a war between a Pillager Outpost and a Village. It seems the village lost and the villagers have abandoned it.

Mesa So Alone

You spawn in a Mesa Biome near two abandoned villages on this map. Mesa biomes are known to be very aesthetically pleasing, and this is your perfect chance to figure out the secret to why the Villages nearby are abandoned. Legend has it, there is a Villager house on a floating island somewhere on the map.


In this incredible seed, you spawn a short walk away from a town with four Blacksmiths. We’ve featured towns with three blacksmiths before, and those were popular enough as it is. If you travel a short distance on this map, you’ll find what we’ve called Smithtown, which on top of having four Blacksmiths, is an absolutely massive village as well!

Hell Froze Over

Hell froze over — into the Overworld! In this ridiculous seed, you’ll find a Frozen Ocean Biome not too far from spawn that houses a huge Ruined Portal. If you make the trip there, this would work perfectly for that snowy Survival world you’ve always wanted to try. Once you’ve established yourself well enough,

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