how to turn off voice in minecraft


  • Hold down the Windows start key and simultaneously hold Ctrl and Enter.
  • An indication will appear on the screen.
  • Hold Windows+Ctrl+Enter again to turn the narrator off.
  • In addition to the aforementioned step, you can also turn off the narrator on pc by holding down Ctrl and B.
  • This toggles the voice and sounds setting in Minecraft. You can turn the narrator off from here as well.

To turn off the Narrator function, you need to press two keys at the same time, which are the Ctrl key and the B key, and choose the option for disabling the Narrator function on the voice and sound settings window. Then, the Minecraft Narrator function will be disabled permanently.Sep 28, 2021


How to turn off cave sounds in Minecraft?

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How to turn off the narrator in Minecraft?

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How do you turn off the narrator on Minecraft?

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How do you turn off voice in Minecraft ps4?

Choose the Profile & Settings given at the Settings menu. Head to the Ease of Access where you can locate the narrator settings. Turn off the narrator and enjoy your game.

How do I turn Narrator off?

A simple combination of keys will turn off Narrator. If you press “Ctrl + Windows logo key + Enter,” Narrator will be automatically turned off.

Why is my Xbox narrating?

If you’re using a controller, press and hold the Xbox button  until it vibrates, and then press the Menu button  in the bottom-right corner. Repeat these steps to turn off Narrator. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide; and then select Profile & system > Settings > Accessibility > Narrator to turn it on or off.

How to get keyboard to work in Minecraft?

Fortunately, there is. After opening the game, go to “Settings” on the main screen. At the left-side, likely at the top, there should be an “Accessibility” tab. Click on that to access the Accessibility Settings. On the right side, one of the options should be “Enable UI Screen Reader,” which is likely to be enabled if you’ve been dealing with the narrator’s jabber. Flip the switch off, and that’s it!

How many settings does the narrator have in Minecraft?

The Minecraft narrator has three settings when it is on. Of course, that excludes the setting when you turn it off. You can choose any of these to customize exactly what the narrator reads out. It depends on what your needs are exactly. These settings are the following:

What does the chat setting do in Minecraft?

Chat: The chat setting of the narrator is helpful for when you are playing with other people. The Minecraft narrator will read the messages that these other players send to chat when this is on. In a sense, this will help you hear what these other people are saying. It will not read out any of the system messages for you.

What does “all” mean in Minecraft?

All: This option is if you want both system and chat messages to be read aloud by the narrator. This will make sure that you don’t miss a single thing that enters the chatbox, whether from another player or a notification from the system.

How to Turn off Narrator in Minecraft?

It is easy to turn Narrator off in Minecraft on PC and other platforms like Xbox One, and the respective tutorial is below.

Useful Tips for Minecraft Players

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Bottom Line

That’s all about how to disable Narrator in Minecraft. Have you turned off the Narrator function on your device? Look forward to your feedback.

Why disable chat in Minecraft?

Disabling the chat allows you to do your own thing without being disturbed by other players. Whether it’s your preference or you’re a parent who’d rather prohibit their children from talking to others online, hiding the feature is relatively simple. A few steps are all it takes to limit the chatter and explore Minecraft’s landscapes in peace.

How to play Minecraft on Nintendo Switch?

You use a Pro Controller or Joy-Cons to play Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch. Even on third-party controllers, the pause button is the “+” button near the right. On the right Joy-Con, it’s the large “+” near the top.

How to pause Xbox One controller?

Press the pause button on your Xbox One controller.

Can you silence the hubbub while playing Minecraft?

Even while playing Minecraft on the go, you can always silence the hubbub and mine in peace.

Can you turn off chat in Minecraft?

For Education Edition, educators can turn off chat for everyone in the classroom. This feature is in the game to let students focus on learning. However, the option is off by default.

Can you disable messages in Minecraft?

If you’re not interested in seeing other players’ messages, you can disable it in the game. It’s not a true disable as you’re merely hiding it. However, it works very well if you want to explore in peace.

Can you chat in Minecraft without mods?

Minecraft is often played in a multiplayer setting on servers, which lets you meet new people. Unlike other games, you can’t communicate using voice chat without mods. Therefore, your best bet is to use text chat to communicate with other players. However, some players would rather not have the chat feature enabled at all.

What is text to speech in Minecraft?

Text to speech is a helpful feature that has been added to Minecraft for both Java and Bedrock editions of the game. This setting, when enabled, has a voice read-out text in the chat and UI. This wikiHow article shows you how to turn on text to speech in Minecraft.

How to turn on text to speech?

Turn on text to speech. There are two options in the accessibility settings for text to speech. An option to turn it on for UI, and an option to turn it on for chat. Press the sliders for chat and UI depending on what you want to hear. They should slide to the right when turned on.

How to open Minecraft on mobile?

Open Minecraft. Locate the Minecraft grass block icon on your mobile device or search for it using your device’s search bar. Tap on the app icon to open Minecraft.

Where is the options button in Minecraft?

The options button is located below the left side of the Minecraft Realms button.

What is the first mode in Minecraft?

The first mode is Narrator off, where the narrator doesn’t say anything at all. This is the default mode.

How to get Minecraft on Android?

If you’re on an Android device, go to settings and scroll down to find and tap on the tab that says apps or applications . This will bring up a list of your apps, where you can then scroll, find, and tap on the Minecraft app icon.


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