how to draw minecraft characters

How to Draw Minecraft Characters Create a cube on top centre of the paper for the head-block . Extend a block at the bottom of the above cube for the body of the Minecraft character. Make a couple of blocks perpendicular on either side of the above shape for the arms. Make a couple of … Read more

how to download modpacks minecraft

Open Curseforge and click on the Mods tab and then click on Minecraft. Once it’s created, you should see it in the “My Modpacks” tab. Right-click the pack and press “Open Folder”. Once the folder is opened, extract the mods from Dropbox into the mods folder.Mar 3, 2022 What are some good Minecraft modpacks for … Read more

how to download minecraft pocket edition maps

0:56 3:41 How To Download & Install Custom Minecraft Maps … – YouTube YouTube Start of suggested clip End of suggested clip And what we want to do is click on the search button in the bottom right down there and then we wantMoreAnd what we want to do is click on the search button … Read more

how to download and use minecraft texture packs

Texture packs can be downloaded from the internet in a .ZIP file. In Minecraft, there will be an option to select Mods and Texture Packs. Inside of that option will be button to “open texture pack folder.” Drag the .ZIP file there and reboot the game. The new texture pack will be available to choose. … Read more

how to disable fog minecraft

Press the “Video settings” button. Press the “Details” button. Change the setting for fog from “Fog: Fancy” to “Fog: Off” by clicking on the button.Jan 15, 2022 How do I Turn Off the void fog?  · Players experiencing fog in singleplayer mode can follow the guide below to fix the issue: Download and launch Optifine … Read more

how to delete minecraft

Try uninstalling Minecraft like you would other Windows programs. Click the Start menu and select “Control Panel”. … Select “Uninstall a program” or “Programs and Features”. … Select Minecraft in the list. … Click Uninstall and follow the prompts to completely uninstall Minecraft. Why can’t I delete my Minecraft? Click on the . minecraft folder, … Read more

how to dedicate more ram to minecraft

How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft Check the available RAM on your PC. Right click Windows Start menu and choose Settings. Toggle on the JVM arguments switch. Start the Minecraft Launcher by double-clicking the Minecraft icon on your PC. … Adjust RAM for Minecraft. Then you should see a line of text like -Xmx1G. … Read more

how to create a mob spawner in minecraft

Building the Mob Spawner Basement Create the chute. Dig a two-by-two six-block-deep at the base of the inside of the tower. This will create a deep… Add four hoppers to the bottom of the hole. Select the stack of hoppers in your equip bar, then select each of the… Remove one block from beneath each … Read more

how to create a minecraft server with hamachi

Hamachi LAN Create a single player Minecraft world. Hit Escape and Select the Open to LAN button. Set the options and open the LAN network. Distribute the 5 digit port number that will appear in the chat window to the other players; this can be done over Hamachi’s chat window or another chat method.(#####) How … Read more

how to create a minecraft server for free

How do you start your own Minecraft server? Getting a free server and setting up can be achieved in a matter of minutes. The first step is to go to and click on “Get Your Free Minecraft Server”. Select the best Dedicated server location closest to you and click “Next”. Select a server from … Read more