what are all the commands in minecraft


Singleplayer Commands

Command Syntax (Usage) Action Success conditions
/achievement (Older than snapshot 1.12 c … /achievement give <stat_name> [player] Gives an achievement or +1 value to a st … If no player is specified, defaults to t …
/ability (Only available on Minecraft: E … /ability <player><grant/revoke> <ability … Gives or Revokes an ability to a player, … All fields filled out. If no player is s …
/advancement /advancement <grant|revoke|test> <player … Gives or takes an advancement from a pla … If no player is specified, defaults to t …
/clear /clear <player> [item ID] [DV] [maximum … Clears [Item ID] from <player> if [DV] a … All tags, DV, stack count, and item id m …

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Minecraft cheats and console commands
  • Target selector shortcuts. @p – nearest player. @r – random player. …
  • Help. /help [CommandName] …
  • Give. /give <Player> <Item> [Amount] …
  • Teleport. /tp [TargetPlayer] x y z. …
  • Kill. /kill. …
  • Weather. /weather WeatherType. …
  • Creative mode. /gamemode creative. …
  • Survival mode. /gamemode survival.
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What are the Ten Commandments of Minecraft?

25 rows · Given below is a detailed list of all Commands in Minecraft. Sets a player’s ability. /ability …

How do you use commands in Minecraft?

 · Player Minecraft commands /kill [player] Kill yourself (or specified player) /tp [player] Teleport yourself (or specified player) to the coordinates entered /effect

What are the all the Mods in Minecraft?

 · The most useful Minecraft commands and cheats /gamemode. The “gamemode” command sets the game mode of the specified player. /tp. The “tp” command teleports the specified entity or entities to the specified destination. It’s shorthand for the… /time. The “time” command allows you to check or …


What are the coolest Minecraft commands?

Cool Minecraft Commands List4. /tell. … 5. /kill. … 6. /give. … 7. /clear. … 8. /effect. … 9. /teleport. … 11. /fill. Use the /fill command to fill an entire 3-D volume with a specific type of block. … 12. /clone. Use the /clone command to copy an entire volume from one spot to another.More items…

What are some weird commands in Minecraft?

Some of these cheats may not be available in your version of Minecraft since new commands are frequently being added and removed from the game.of 08. Teleport Anywhere: /Tp. … of 08. Locate Nearby Objects: /locate. … of 08. Count Objects: /testfor. … of 08. Control the Time of Day: /time set. … of 08. … of 08. … of 08. … of 08.

What are the 3 command blocks in Minecraft?

There are three different types of command blocks:Impulse, which run commands on the rising edge of redstone current. … Repeat, which run commands every tick they are powered. … Chain, which only run if the command block that is pointing into it has executed its command.

What are commands blocks?

Command blocks are a specialized type of block within a Minecraft: Bedrock Edition world that allows the use of console commands in-game. The same commands that players can type from chat can be run automatically by command blocks using redstone power.

How do you summon a giant zombie in Minecraft?

To summon this massive creature, the syntax is as follows: “/summon giant [pos] [nbt].” Although the position tags are optional, they will help the entity go where the player wants. Fortunately, there are no other giant entities in Minecraft. That’s why the “giant” tag is all that is required to summon a Giant Zombie.

How do you summon a giant slime in Minecraft?

How to Enter the CommandOpen the Chat Window. The easiest way to run a command in Minecraft is within the chat window.Type the Command. In this example, we are going to summon a giant slime in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) 1.18 with the following command: /summon slime ~ ~ ~ {Size:100}

What is the command to spawn the Ender Dragon?

Summoning the Ender Dragon using the command in Minecraft The summon command is /summon. For the Ender Dragon, it will be /summon ender_dragon.

What is the command for a wither storm?

You can summon a wither boss whenever you want using a cheat (game command) in Minecraft. This is done using the /summon command.

How do you spawn a wither storm in Minecraft?

5:4911:43How To Spawn the Wither Storm in Minecraft – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipYou’re going to need the soul sand you’re gonna need the wither skeleton skull so let’s get all thatMoreYou’re going to need the soul sand you’re gonna need the wither skeleton skull so let’s get all that.

What does @R mean Minecraft?

Random Player@r (Random Player) The @r target selector is used to target a random player in the game. For example, you can use the @r selector with the /give command to give a random player 15 emeralds: /give @r emerald 15.

What is the Fill command in Minecraft?

OutputCommandEdition/execute store result …/fill … hollow /fill … keep /fill … outline /fill … replace …Java Editionthe number of blocks changed in the fill region/fill … destroythe number of blocks changed in the fill regionanyBedrock EditionN/AN/A1 more row

How do you get a purple command block?

“Chain” command blocks are green. They execute once every time they are triggered if they have been activated. “Repeat” command blocks are purple. They execute their commands once every one game tick (or more‌ [BE only]) as long as they are activated.


Where are Runs commands found?

Runs commands found in the corresponding function file.

What does force do in Minecraft?

force – Force moving of blocks even if regions overlap. move – Move only non-air blocks, and replace them with air-blocks. If filtering is done, this only applies to the filtered blocks. normal – Do not force or move blocks from source region. This is the default. See also /setblock and /fill commands.

How many chunks can you make in Minecraft?

Adds areas that update without any Players in them. There can be a maximum of 8 in a world. The maximum area that can be made is 8×8 chunks.

How long is a full day in Minecraft?

A full day in Minecraft equals 24000 ticks, approx 20 minutes in real time. A day starts at 1000, and night starts at 13000. When querying day refers to whole days, daytime refers to gameticks of current day, and gametime refers to total amount of gameticks since current game started.

What is console command?

Commands, also known as console commands, are advanced features activated by typing certain strings of text.

What happens if no command is specifed?

If no command is specifed, the syntax for every command usable by the player will be shown.

What happens if no player is specified in Minecraft?

If no player is specified, defaults to the command’s executor. Must be specified if in a command block. The advancement must be valid.

Do you have to be online to play Minecraft?

If a player is specified, he/she must be online. Particle names must be valid.

Does /give exist in Minecraft?

Yes. <Gamerule> must exist if the value is not specified. /give. /give <targets> <item> [<count>] [<damage>] [<nbt>] Minecraft 1.14 Syntax: /give <targets> <item> [<nbt>] [<count>] Gives <targets> a number of <item>s equal to <count>. Specified <damage> and <nbt> data are applied to the item/block.

How to use commands in Minecraft?

To get started with these Minecraft commands, simply hit the forward slash key (/) to open the chat window then continue typing the command. You can use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through previously entered commands, and pressing the Tab key while entering commands will cycle through possible options.

Can you use Minecraft cheats on Xbox?

To access Minecraft cheats you’ll need to use Minecraft commands, which are various little codes or phrases you can type in to apply helpful effects to your game. Due to how these work they’re unfortunately restricted to PC only, so you can’t use them on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, or mobile we’re afraid, but for PC users these Minecraft cheats can …

Execute a command

In order for you to use admin commands on your Minecraft server, you must make yourself an operator.

Different parameters

You should also pay attention to the different parameters of commands. Pointed or square brackets are not written when entering a command.

Enable command suggestions

Command suggestions can be turned on in the chat settings. This will display the list of available commands when typing a slash ( / ).

How many sub-commands are there in Java?

In Java Edition, there are twelve instructions (or sub-commands) for the /execute command. Multiple sub-commands are connected after /execute. Subcommands are divided into 4 categories: modify subcommands, condition subcommands, store subcommands, and run subcommand.

Where is the final command stored?

Store the final command’s result or success value somewhere. It is first processed along with other subcommands, recording the location to store in. After the last subcommand (may be a condition subcommand or a run subcommand) is executed, return values will be stored in the location. Note that the return values of commands must be an integer. If a decimal, it is rounded down.

What is modified subcommand?

Modify subcommands modify command variables and change the situation the command is executed, and execute subcommands following it with specific executor (s), execution position (s), execution dimension (s), execution rotation (s) and execution anchor.

What happens if a command does not terminate halfway?

After executed (if it does not terminate halfway), the command returns a success value and a result value (see #Store subcommand for details). These two values ​​come from the last subcommand (may be a condition subcommand or a run subcommand).

What is update in command line?

Updates the command’s execution position, aligning to its current block position (an integer). Only applies along specified axes.

What does “fails” mean in Minecraft?

Fails if arguments are not specified correctly, if origin: target fails to resolve to one or more valid entities (named players must be online), if the checked block is not of the correct block id, data or state, or if the specified command fails.

What are the dimensions in Minecraft?

Must be the resource location of a dimension. The standard dimensions in the minecraft namespace are “overworld”, “the_nether”, and “the_end”.

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