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9 cool things to do in Minecraft
  • Explore Java coding. …
  • Go on a multiplayer adventure. …
  • Try bow and arrow target practice! …
  • Explore a new game mode. …
  • Create custom weapons to fight mobs. …
  • Hunt the Ender Dragon. …
  • Create a teleporter with command blocks. …
  • Have a building contest with friends.
Nov 3, 2021

Create a mob trap and a mob killing area

 · ARE YOU BORED OF JUST PLAIN MINECRAFT THEN THIS POST IS FOR YOOOUUU HERE ARE 101 THINGS TO DO IN MINECRAFT WHEN YOU ARE BORED: 1:Make an epic house 2: Hit a tree: 3:make a basement 4: Make a secret base (under tree etc) 5: Try to get as close to creeper and then get away without losing any hearts 6: Make a minecart track leading …

Copy the world

 · There are so many cool things to build in Minecraft, like sky bases, storage rooms, underground cities, volcanoes, survival houses, and fun pagodas. You can even build different cities (port cities, underground cities, fantasy towns) and incredible bases (floating bases, underwater bases, and mountain bases).

Survival Mission

 · In all, there are a staggering 42 biomes currently in Minecraft (as of update 2.21 ), so make sure to pack some supplies before setting off on your brand-new adventure. Create A Treasure Hunt For …

Find out Diamonds

 · 15 Things Beginners Should Do First When Starting Minecraft 15 Punch A Tree. Starting out you have nothing, no tools, no weapons, no shelter, nothing. The first thing you need to… 14 Stone Age. Using this Crafting Bench build yourself a wooden pickaxe. To do this craft a set of sticks and use …

Explore Housing

Start a pumpkin farm. Start a cactus farm. Fence or wall in a big area around your house and make it mob-free. Make an Iron Golem. Make a diamond pickaxe. Make a diamond sword. Get a heart of the sea. Find a dungeon and create a mob trap / exp farm around the spawner. Map around your area (9 maps)

What are some fun things to do in Minecraft?

 · Build Farms. Farms are very crucial in Minecraft when you are playing long-term. You can build farms for several items that you need to grind for normally. For instance, you can use villagers and set up an iron farm to get infinite iron, whereas you have to put in a lot of effort to get a ton of iron.

What is the hardest thing to do in Minecraft?

What are some easy things to build in Minecraft?

What things can you make in Minecraft?

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What do you do when your bored in Minecraft?

Players who have been playing a lot of Minecraft and getting bored should try out these fun new activities to spice things up….Minecraft: 20 Things To Do If You’re Bored1 Build A Massive Pyramid.2 Create Redstone Contraptions. … 3 Try Out Creative Mode. … 4 Build A City. … 5 Decorate A House. … 6 Play With Friends. … More items…•

What should I do in survival Minecraft?

Minecraft survival to-do listStarting Out.Collect 16 stone and 16 logs.Survive 25 days.Find coal/ make charcoal.Make a stone pick.Make a stone sword.Make a shelter with a door, a crafting table, a furnace, a chest and a bed (if possible).Easy.More items…

How do I stop being bored in Minecraft?

Try to survive in superflat.Immediately run to the nearest village. Make sure generated structures is on.Chop some logs from the houses, and maybe some of the wheat. … Make a wooden pickaxe, and get some cobblestone from the houses. … Make some stone tools. … Keep trying to survive.

What tasks can you do in Minecraft?

Minecraft to do listcreate a mountain outpost.find/explore an abandoned mineshaft.create a mob grinder.create a nether portal and explore the nether.make a blaze farm.make an alchemy lab.create a nether portal room/temple around your nether portal.make or expand a wheat farm.More items…

How do I make Minecraft more fun?

By far, the best way to make Minecraft more exciting and fun is by downloading mods. Mods can modify vanilla Minecraft by adding or re-coding aspects of the original game. There is a mod for just about anything Minecraft players can imagine, from new mobs, new biomes, new weapons, new achievements, and much, much more.

Where Can diamonds be found in Minecraft?

Diamonds can be found anywhere beneath layer 16, but is most common in layers 5-12 in version 1.17. 1 and below; in versions 1.18 they are expected to be most common between layers -50 – -64. Most players find it through caving or mining.

Do adults play Minecraft?

Study Finds Link Between Adults Who Play Minecraft And Adults Whose Parents Support Them. A new study has found a bizarre link where adults addicted to Minecraft are supported financially by their parents. A new study has found a bizarre link where adults addicted to Minecraft are supported financially by their parents …

What is the coolest thing to do in Minecraft?

9 cool things to do in MinecraftExplore Java coding. … Go on a multiplayer adventure. … Try bow and arrow target practice! … Explore a new game mode. … Create custom weapons to fight mobs. … Hunt the Ender Dragon. … Create a teleporter with command blocks. … Have a building contest with friends.More items…•

How do you build a city in Minecraft?

Players need to start with a home base. Whether they’re living in the city or not, players need a place to store items and sleep at the night. Players should pick a starting spot on the map that gives plenty of room to work with to continually expand their city.

What’s the point in Minecraft?

In Survival mode, the goal…is to survive. Players appear in a new world and are challenged to use its resources to build shelter, find food, and craft tools to help them construct the universe they want to live in.


1. Killing the Ender Dragon

Although it is the main storyline, Minecraft does little at explaining the quest to you. Thus you may not even have any idea of the Ender Dragon existing in the game, especially if you are a beginner.

2. Visit the End City

If you were to notice the surroundings right after killing the Ender Dragon, you could see a flash of light in the distance. You will find a small portal, and if you enter it, you will reach a similar place to the End.

3. Summon And Kill the Wither

Ender Dragon is not the only boss in Minecraft. You can also summon the Wither and slay it. Slaying this boss will give you a Nether Star, which in turn, helps you craft a beacon, another useful item in the game.


4. Respawn the Ender Dragon

If you are someone who has already killed the Ender Dragon and you want to relive the experience, worry not. Minecraft lets you respawn the Ender dragon as many times as you wish.

5. Unlock All the Achievements

Speaking of achievements, you can always challenge yourself to complete all the achievements in the game. There are a total of 95 advancements in the game under five different tabs. You can always check the advancements by pressing the L key on your keyboard.

6. Create Your Server

Are you tired of playing Minecraft alone? If so, you can easily create your server and invite your friends to play with you. You can then build fascinating buildings and take over the Minecraft world together.


7. Build Super Structures

Since Minecraft has a variety of materials, you can collect the ones you need, get creative and build giant structures. Even if the process takes a while, the end will always be rewarding. You can even go online and find out different designs you can take on and build it in your world.

How to make a pickaxe in Minecraft?

Jump into the crafting table’s crafting area and create a T-formation with the sticks positioned vertically and the wooden blocks arranged horizontally on top of the sticks (see the screenshot below). This will output a wooden pickaxe. On the console version, you can do all this directly from the menu; there’s no need to position items .

What is the best tool to use for mining?

You can create a few other tools in much the same way. Although the pickaxe is your main implement for mining, you’ll want to have more planks to build with, so an axe is going to be handy to quickly harvest material before the first nightfall. You may


How to get hunger points back in Minecraft?

You can immediately eat the raw meat to gain a few hunger points back but to gain the full effect you will want to cook it first, especially chicken because of the slight chance to lose even more hunger. Go mine some eight stone and some coal. Once you have retrieved the materials, Open up your crafting table and fill every space except for the center with cobblestone. Select the furnace and place it on the ground.

How to move crafting table to another spot?

Note: If you ever need to move the crafting table to another spot, just break it apart with your punches and pick up the remaining block. It will re-appear in your inventory.

How to store valuable items in Minecraft?

If you are heading into the mines, go only with the essentials: one set of tools, a crafting bench, some food, sticks, torches, and one stack of dirt or any other easily breakable block. You don’t want to risk losing any valuable items or a lot of materials if you die, you might not get your stuff back.


What is Minecraft first person?

Minecraft is a first-person survival action / sandbox adventure game where players can gather resources, dig holes, fish, plant crops and more while at night try to avoid monsters.

What happens when you start playing Minecraft?

When you start to hear music play, you’ll know it’s almost nighttime, and once the sun goes down, zombies, creepers and skeletons will spawn all around you. Because of this, you’ll need to learn how to build a house in Minecraft.

How to survive in Minecraft?

Ride a saddled pig into a mine cart and ride on both. Do an impossible escape trick. Survive inside a 3×3 area until you find diamonds (each diamond you find increase your area Example: 1 diamond found 4×4 area or 3 diamonds found 6×6 area) Get 20 dogs and fight off 300 zombies. Craft every item in the game twice.


How to get 100 diamonds in Minecraft?

Make a small house out of diamond blocks. Make a tnt cannon that launches yourself 150 blocks. build a 100x100x100 house out of gravel (Except for the roof) Make a waterfall. Try to tame 100 dogs in 1 hour.

How many biomes are there in Minecraft?

In all, there are a staggering 42 biomes currently in Minecraft (as of update 2.21 ), so make sure to pack some supplies before setting off on your brand-new adventure. Playing with friends always helps elevate the fun factor, but running out of stuff to do can quickly put the kibosh on said enjoyment.

What is a manhunt?

First popularised by YouTuber Dream, Manhunt is a refreshing variation on Minecraft’s speedrunning formula. The twist? Instead of simply beating the clock, the runner must try and survive as a handful of hunters chase them down to assassinate them.


What is the rarest mob in Mojang?

However, the rarest of all are Chicken Jockey mobs. Essentially, these mobs are Skeletons or Zombies riding atop — you guessed it — chickens.

Is Minecraft a good game?

Even though Minecraft is an enjoyable game, a lack of consistent objectives can sometimes lead to boredom rearing its ugly Creeper head.

Is it hard to build a maze in Minecraft?

It may seem like a whole lot of hard work, but building your very own maze in Minecraft can be really fun and satisfying. Whether you’re going for a simplistic design or a labyrinthian masterpiece, mazes are enjoyable to construct and entertaining to try and solve, too.


Can you build a menagerie of beasties in Creative Mode?

Of course, building your own menagerie of beasties within the safety of Creative Mode would be way easier. So, if you’re after more of a stiff challenge, why not give it a try in Survival Mode?

Do Hunters carry compass?

Vanilla users of Minecraft may find this next part troublesome: Hunters usually carry a compass that point them in the direction of the runners. On PC, it’s straightforward. On other platforms, it can be awkward to implement. Thankfully, there are a few workarounds that can help you with this.

How to make a crafting bench in Minecraft?

Gather a bunch of logs then open your inventory to turn the logs into planks. Use four planks in your mini crafting grid to create a Crafting Bench and open up a world of possibility.


How to make torches in Minecraft?

To build torches you can either gather coal from the environment or make charcoal by creating a furnace using stone blocks and then ‘cooking’ wooden logs to make charco al. Charcoal will be handy later for smelting projects, but for now, place it on top of a stick in your crafting table to create torches.

How to craft a pickaxe?

Using this Crafting Bench build yourself a wooden pickaxe. To do this craft a set of sticks and use the sticks with wood planks to craft the pickaxe. It’s highly recommended you have a crafting guide pulled up as there are a lot of things to craft and it’ll spare you hours of trial and error to figure out what you can and can’t build.

How to harvest brown wheat in Minecraft?

Using the bucket you crafted create a small pool of water near your base. Next to the water use your hoe to plow grass blocks in rows up to four blocks away from the water. Now run around and chop down all of that grass growing around you to gather seeds and plant those seeds in the prepared blocks. After a few days you’ll see brown wheat ready to harvest, which can be crafted into bread providing you with a renewable source of food.


Why do monsters not appear until night time?

The monsters in the game hate light, which is why they don’t appear until night time. Keeping the inside of your shelter lit will prevent any mobs from spawning inside. To do this you need torches.

What do the tan flecks in stone mean?

In any case you’re looking for small tan flecks in stone that represent iron ore blocks. Dig up a bunch of these, plus whatever coal you find and put them in your furnace. Once you’ve ‘cooked’ the iron it becomes iron ingots that you can use to craft iron tools.

What happens if you drop your hunger bar?

If your hunger bar continues to drop you’ll become unable to run and eventually will start losing health as you starve to death. It’s important to grab some basic foodstuffs like meat from animals, fish, berries, apples from oak trees, or even rotten meat from zombies to keep yourself alive in the beginning.


What tools do you need to make an enchanted diamond?

Make a full set of enchanted diamond tools (pickaxe, sword, shovel, axe and even hoe)

How far away from your base do you travel to build a second base?

Travel at least 1000 blocks away from your original base and build a second base

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