what you say about minecraft


Minecraft is a very popular game among a lot of kids and even teenagers. The thing about Minecraft is that it’s just not an interesting game, it also comes with several other interesting factors. The name of the characters is as interesting as it gets.


What is the scariest thing about Minecraft?

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What are the bad things about Minecraft?

what did you say about minecraft. It’s a stupid joke used by middle school boys who think they’re funny and it literally means “I know you’re gay”. Usually people reply with “I said it ’s gay” to say “ I’m not gay ” but people also get confused about it and don’t know it means gay. JERRY: What did you say about Minecraft ?!!

What is bad or evil about Minecraft?

get out of my room i’m playing minecraft

How much do you really know about Minecraft?

Don’t ask

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 · Minecraft Quotes. down there. Create an account or sign in to comment. Enderman hate people looking at it. So DONT’! Never trust people who say “give creepers hugs!”, they are creepers in disguise wanting you to head to their kamakazi friends. An H with sunrays around it meant that the hour had come.


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