Why did minecraft die



Why do people think Minecraft is dying?

People believe Minecraft is dying because they believe that when a fad wears out, it is gone forever. The Minecraft Meme Age has been replaced with the Fortnite Meme Age, but many of the committed Minecraft players have stayed. They are the people that carried the Minecraft community.

Why did people stop playing Minecraft?

First off, the original fanbase either simply moved on from the game due to lack of interest or just stopped playing altogether. With the creation of new games, it’s easier to lose interest in other games. The creation of Fortnite probably didn’t help Minecraft at all.

Is Minecraft dead in 2019?

Minecraft is not dying. In any terms. Not even remotely. Originally Answered: Is Minecraft dead in 2019? If so, nobody has bothered to tell me about it! Sure, it might not be The Big Thing anymore, but it still has a significant fanbase, and we’re not going anywhere.

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